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Sekule - lake


Sekule site – Investment Memorandum represents an important area of Slovakia that is suitable as an investment opportunity for a wide range of national and international investors.

This documentation has been elaborated and presented by Majektový Holding, a.s., Bratislava, the exclusive owner of land plots with unrestricted disposal and utilization of valid permits in accordance with valid legal regulations.

The advantages of the territory have been explained and documented by important experts and relevant authorities, and such have unequivocally ascertained the high degree of prerequisite verification for investments. The valid land use plan for Sekule municipality directs the territory towards tourist industry activities and services with areas determined for permanent and temporary housing and means an important development impulse for the region of the three countries Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria and the respective cross-border cooperation.

High environmental and infrastructural quality is a challenge for modern urbanism and the application of foreign knowledge, as well as demanding strong strategic and financial partnerships on the investors’ side.

Based on the information as stated in the Investment Memorandum Majetkový Holding, a.s. is open to discussions and negotiations with prospective investors in the aforementioned area, and is ready to provide more detailed information and the necessary cooperation.

Ing. Viliam Maroš
Chairman of Board of Directors
Majetkový Holding a.s.